7. 12. 2008


Couple of pictures from Cambridge trip done by friends of ours - Miek and John

Zopar obrazkov z vyletu do Camrindge od nasich kamaratov Miek a Johna.

5. 10. 2008



First serious trekking for Marek (although carried). Our week in Low and High Tatras with couple of trips. Our friend Yannick came over from France and we did have a great time indeed.

Marekove prve vazne tury. Aj ked v nosici. Tyzden v Nizkych a Vysokych Tatrach, ale stal za to. Prisiel nas pozriet aj kamarat Yannick z Francuzska.

Vacation at Mala Skala

Week was a shot time - at least for me. Dana and Marek spent there two weeks. Mala Skala, Czech Paradise.

Tyzden na Malej Skale je vzdy kratky. Aspon, ze tam Marek and Danka boli dva.

Marek's First Birthday celebration

Well, it did not last long and it came. Marek is 1 year old now and had his first birthday party

Netrvalo to dlho a zrazu ma Marek rok. A toto bola jeho prva narodeninova party

Pohoda Festival 2008

Na Pohode 2008

July overview

Zopar fotiek s Marekom z Jula

Weekend with friends

Couple of June pictures

With delay, but here they are

Zopar fotiek z Juna. Neskoro, ale lepsie ako nikdy...

18. 5. 2008

Vacation in Egypt

Some pictures from the vacation in Egypt

Obrazky z dovolenky v Egypte

17. 3. 2008

March pictures

It is a busy month, with Marek making progress...

27. 2. 2008

The builder? No, the destroyer :-)

It is actualy an accidentaly shot video but I still like it.

Je to natocene vlastne omylom, ale velmi pekne

Swiming - Plavanie

So I went today to see the "swiming" classes Marek is attending. Of course with Danka. THe only problem was that the battery on the camera ran out...

Tak som dnes bol pozriet na Marekovom "plavani". Samozrejme s Dankou. Len skoda ze mi po chvili odisla baterka na fotaku.

18. 2. 2008

Saturday Luch

Eating rice can be fun. Especialy for Marek. But he seems not to complain much. At least not for a while.

But lunch is also great moment for making faces...

12. 2. 2008

My first Christmas

on the way to grandparents during the Chirstmass season, Marek realised that car seats are sometimes boring...

Even the dinner was boring for me. The only thing I got was milk, while everybody else around me was stuffed full.

dont cout me in

At least I got a present too

my Chirstmas present

24. 1. 2008

January pictures

These are some of the January pictures...